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The Mosquito Explored PC CD-ROM
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The Ultimate Halifax B.Mk.III Reference
‘It’s like having an interactive Mosquito museum on your PC’
Climb Aboard the Mosquito and Explore -
Interactive Pilot's Notes - Learn Pilot and Navigator Procedures.
Study the Pilot and Crew's controls in new close-up detail.
Air Ministry document extracts tell the story behind each item.
Discover starting, take-off, landing and emergency procedures.
350 unique colour diagrams based on wartime Air Ministry manuals.
Examine the Mosquito's Systems -
Sections covering the Browning .303 in. Gun & 20mm Hispano Connon.
57mm Molins 'Tse-tse' Anti-shipping gun section.
3-inch Rocket Projectile Section.
AI Mk.IV, V, VIII and X Night Fighter Radar Sections.
Bombsight Mk.IXa plus Bombs and Bombloads Sections.
Examine the Aircraft Cameras Type F.24 and F.52.
Rolls-Royce Merlin XX, 60n and 100 series Engine Sections.
Radio & Countermeasures explained in full colour & wartime manuals:
TR.1133, TR.1143,T.1154, R.1155 and IFF Transponders.
Navigational Aids explained in full colour & wartime manuals:
Gee Mk.II, Oboe Mk.II 'Album Leaf' & Beam Approach and more.
Plus much more . . .
1800 full colour and wartime photographs included.
Photo Tour Sections examine the entire aircraft in detail.
Extensive Camouflage and Markings section.
Easy navigation throughout with bookmark, search & printout facilities.
Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust's Merlin Engine data & Photo Section.
In-depth coverage of four UK restored Mosquitoes.
Special Offer! only £12.95 +P&P
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