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Published on the 20th July 2004 and updated to version 2 in 2009, The Lancaster Explored has already started to receive praise indeed, for its unique and in-depth coverage of the Lancaster Bomber and all its systems. The Lancaster Explored is a truly unique product.
What they are saying about The Lancaster Explored CD-ROM
The National Archives, London
'The National Archives is pleased to be able to assist with such an exciting project, and to make available plans and documents concerning this aircraft, the majority of which have never before been published'.
Paul Johnson - The National Archives Image Library Manager
What they are saying about The Lancaster Explored CD-ROM
The RAF Museum, Hendon
'The Lancaster Explored CD-ROM is a useful contribution to the interpretation of a very famous aircraft. This, the first in a new series about UK aircraft, is a good attempt to give the viewer visual access to original documents and photographs of the interiors of specific Lancasters. For the technically minded the specifications and details are comprehensive and the graphics help the less knowledgeable to navigate the information. This product will please a wide audience from schoolchild to aviation enthusiast.'
Dr Michael Fopp - Royal Air Force Museum Director General
What they are saying about The Lancaster Explored CD-ROM
Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust
'The Lancaster Explored CD-ROM is most impressive. It has given all those on 'the other side of the fence', who have little hope of actually setting foot inside a real Lancaster, the unprecedented opportunity of unrestricted access to the aircraft, its engines, its many interesting systems and its operation - all from their own PC.'
Peter Kirk - Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust, Engine Data
What they are saying about The Lancaster Explored CD-ROM
Pitstone Green Museum
'As someone who has built a complete cockpit section of a Lancaster B.Mk.I bomber from scratch, I really thought I knew a great deal about Lancasters, that is, until I received a copy of 'The Lancaster Explored' CD-ROM. It is a 'must' if you have any interest in World War II aircraft.
Norman Groom - Curator - Pitstone Green Museum.
What they are saying about The Lancaster Explored CD-ROM
The Jeremy Hall Lancaster
'I think this is an exceptional record of the Lancaster. It is a must for the dedicated historian, the enthusiast and the researcher.The CD is well presented, easy to navigate and crammed full of facts and photographs - you have done the Lancaster proud!'
Jeremy Hall - Owner of a Lancaster B.Mk.III Nose Section.
What they are saying about The Lancaster Explored CD-ROM
The Signals Collection '40 - '45
'All the research you have done on the many photographs and information provided is really a 'must see' for every Lancaster lover! You have done a really GREAT job, this kind of Air Ministry information is always SO hard to obtain. Well done.'
Paul Bodifee - The Signals Collection '40-'45 - The Netherlands
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