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With over 1,500 photographs and 250 colour diagrams all backed-up with many Air Ministry extracts, these screen shots illustrate just a very small part of The Hurricane Explored's huge depth of detail. The unique colour diagrams are based on wartime Air Ministry manuals and many have never been published in any format. To find out more, just click on any of the 'thumbnail' view to see a larger version.
Just a glimpse at the immense detail included . . .
1. The Homepage2. Participating Aircraft Section3. BBMF Hurricane Instrument Panel4. Flying Controls wartime Diagram
5. Flying Control Locking Device View6. Stbd Instrument Panel Detail7. Photo Tour Home Section8. Gunsighting Diagram
9. Gunsight Mk II View10. Browning .303in Gun Page11. Wartime Hurricane Wing Diagram12. Gun Firing Button Diagram
13. .303in Browning Gun Views14. Airborne Cigar Details15. A Wireless Layout Diagram16. H2S Animated View
17. Pilot's Notes Enemy Action Page18. The G.45 Camera Gun Installation19. Flare Tube Detail20. 250lb Bomb Detail
21. Merlin Engine Interactive Manual22. Merlin Installation View23. Rotol Propeller View24. Starting handle Detail
21. Hurricane Equipment Locator Diagram22. BBMF Stowage Location23. Flaps Detail24. Pnuematic Cylinder Detail
21. Hawker Hurricane Historic Overview Section22. TR.1133B wartime Diagram23. BBMF Thumbs Page24. Hurricane R4118 View
21. wartime Tail Unit Diagram22. Wartime Cutaway Diagram re-worked in colour23. Camouflage & Markings Section24. Hurricane underside plan detail
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