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The Hurricane Explored is an immense interactive reference for your PC, offering you a truly unique insight into the famous Hawker Hurricane Fighter in depths of detail not previously attempted. You’ll have access to many extracts from official wartime Air Ministry documents, 250 original colour diagrams and over 1500 unique internal and external colour photographs. With sound and animation, along with the benefits of search, bookmark and print facilities - The Hurricane Explored is an essential reference source for all Hurricane, aviation and modelling enthusiasts. It’s all here, just waiting to be discovered in a new piece of software, which is the equivalent to a 3,000 page book. Here is a list of the main features:
What's Included
Easy Navigation throughout the publication - plus a Help Section.
Bookmark Pages and Search for information.
All photographs, diagrams and text can be printed & viewed full screen.
Pilot's Notes
A unique Menu driven Pilot’s Notes containing over 250 colour photographs.
Detailed Location of Controls cockpit ‘Search and Click’ section.
Unique Colour diagrams based on the original Air Ministry documents.
Detailed Location of Controls Cockpit 'search and click' Sections.
The Photo Tour
Over 1500 unique internal and external colour photographs.
Nine Unique Tour Sections covering all internal and external equipment.
In-depth Section covering Rolls-Royce Merlin III & XX engines and systems.
Air Ministry Air Publication extracts relating to most items.
Animated Hurricane Mk.IIC Engine Start-up Sequence.
Armament Section covering the Hispano 20mm Cannon, Browning .303 in Guns, Rolls-Royce ‘B-H’
& Vickers ‘S’ 40mm Cannon, Reflector Gun Sight Mk.II, Camera Guns G.42 & G.45.
Electrical & Radio Section, includes TR.9.D, TR.1133 and I.F.F. with full descriptions and
AP diagrams and more.
Full Hurricane airframe Air Ministry descriptions colour AP diagrams.
An overview of the history of the Hurricane and the life of Sir Sydney Camm.
Camouflage & Markings Section, covering key marks of Hurricane & variations in camouflage.
Close-up Hurricane Mk.II, Wartime Air Ministry Cutaway Diagram in colour.
The Aircraft
Covering six UK restored Hurricane aircraft, their histories and museum/operator details.
Technical Specifications
Full Air Publication specifications.
Hurricane Historic Overview written by the Hawker Hurricane Society.
Rolls-Royce Merlin III and XX Historic Overview written by the Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust.
Detailed interactive Merlin XX Manual & Merlin features Guide.
The National Archives - Air Publication Data
Peter Vacher Collection - Hurricane Mk.I, R4118
Hangar 11 Collection - Hurricane Mk.IIB, BE505
Battle of Britain Memorial Flight - Hurricane Mk.IIC, LF363
Battle of Britain Memorial Flight - Hurricane Mk.IIC, PZ865
Spitfire & Hurricane Memorial Museum - Hurricane Mk.IIC, LF751
Historic Aircraft Collection - Hurricane Mk.XII, Z5410
Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust - Derby Branch - Merlin Historic Data & Photographs.
BAE Systems, Farnborough - Wartime photographs.
Hawker Hurricane Society - Hurricane Historic Overview.
Sir Sydney Camm Commemorative Society - Sir Sydney Camm Life Overview.
PC Specifications
ISBN. 978 -0-9545526-2-6
Minimum PC Requirements:
Pentium IV 1 Ghz, or equivalent. Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 and 8. 512 Mb RAM.
Direct X version 9 or higher. CD-ROM drive. 700 Mb free hard drive space.
32 bit Graphic Card or higher. Mouse and Keyboard.
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